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Archive for July, 2007

New Release: TubeSock 2.0.3

TubeSock 2.0.3 has gone final, with improvements to iPhone, iPod, and appleTV conversions. You can grab a copy at the usual place. However, we have gotten two reports of iPhone videos conversions showing up as all black (a bug we fixed in 2.0.3) for videos that we ourselves have successfully watched on the iPhone. So [...]

TubeSock 2.0.3 beta 3

We cranked out a bunch of action-items on TubeSock for Mac today. Here’s the list of things we fixed: Improved compression profiles for iPhone, iPod, Mac, and AppleTV — this solves the “this file can’t be played on this iPhone” message that many users had been seeing Support for Unicode filenames with “Add to iTunes” [...]

TubeSock and iPhone working better

Since our iPhone post below went live, several users sent us links for videos that weren’t working with the iPhone. (I guess, in retrospect, our guesses weren’t that great after all.) With an actual iPhone in hand we were able to fine-tune the conversion, and it appears that everything is now well. Every video we’ve [...]

TubeSock for Mac 2.0.2

TubeSock for Mac 2.0.2 is here! This release fixes the disappearing preview bug (caused by last week’s Apple Security Update 2007-006). Also, the vocal minority who complained about our use of brushed metal will be pleased to learn that the fix involved moving to a “unified” interface look. Yessir, we’re Leopard-ready! Well, at least from [...]