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Archive for February, 2007

TubeSock for Windows 1.0.2

TubeSock for Windows 1.0.2 has been released. Bug fixes included in TubeSock for Windows 1.0.2: Registrations that include an email address with a number in it fail. When saving as “Video for Windows Media Player” sometimes a conversion error would occur. You can download it right here.

TubeSock for Mac 2.0.1 beta 3

TubeSock for Mac 2.0.1 is now beta 3. There were reports of crashes upon registration with earlier versions. Thanks to everyone who sent in a crash log! Also, a few minor fixes were made, i.e. it now removes quote marks (“) in filenames. Now that TubeSock supports three video services (YouTube, DailyMotion, and Porkolt) the [...]

We’re Back Up

We’re finally back up at 9:40 am after Dreamhost’s “planned” 3 AM “three hour” outage. My apologies to anyone who had trouble accessing the site overnight.

TubeSock for Windows 1.0.1

We have just posted TubeSock for Windows 1.0.1. If you have already downloaded TubeSock for Windows, please download the new version. The biggest change is in how we distribute registration files. Previously, these were sent as “.reg” files. Wow, was that a bad idea. Apparently reg files are a major vector for virus attacks, and [...]

Getting Started with TubeSock

Recently I’ve had a few emails asking for basic info on TubeSock usage. We’re working on a nice manual for everyone. In the meantime, here’s the basic steps. In your web browser, go to a YouTube or DailyMotion web page that plays a video you want to save. Copy the URL of that web page. [...]

TubeSock for Windows Registration Offline

The server that processes TubeSock for Windows registrations has had a senior moment and temporarily forgotten how to make them. (And, it’s complaining about our haircuts and music.) For the time being, we’ll have to process TubeSock for Windows registrations manually. Please allow up to 12 hours for your registration email to arrive. (It probably [...]

Oops! Bug in TubeSock 2.0 Fixed

Users have reported a bug in TubeSock 2.0 (for Mac OS X) where, when using the “Save as FLV” option, the downloaded files don’t show up. We tracked this down to the new feature in 2.0 where temp files are deleted after processing. Apparently, TubeSock 2.0 accidentally thinks the final FLV file is a temp [...]


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New! TubeSock 2.0 Released

It’s finally happened: TubeSock 2.0 has been released. And: TubeSock for Windows has also been released. We’re as surprised as you. Download either from the TubeSock pages.