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TubeSock 3.0 beta 17

TubeSock 3.0 Beta 17 is out. And the it’s the best one yet. And not just because it’s a prime number. Download it now! The YouTube download code is now fixed. We had to scrap the original YouTube download code. In its place is a new YouTube downloader written from scratch. This new method is [...]

TubeSock broken again

Good thing we didn’t release 3.0 final yesterday. Apparently, at some point between midnight last night (when we released TubeSock 3.0 beta 16) and this morning, YouTube changed something yet again, and TubeSock gives those “file doesn’t exist” messages once more. Now, it’s not a total loss. TubeSock 3.0 beta 16 still works for video [...]

TubeSock 3.0 beta 15

Mike Canny caught a bug in TubeSock 3.0 beta 14 where the “Save as Mac” format would crash with TeacherTube videos. That’s fixed in the new beta 15 (download TubeSock 3.0 beta 15 here!) along with the elimination of a few more debugging strings. Please give the beta a try and let us know if [...]

TubeSock 2.0.3 works with Leopard

Just in case there were any questions, our most recent release of TubeSock work great with OS X 10.5 Leopard. The biggest issue we had was a GUI bug, where the preview display would not appear. This also happened to 10.4 users who ran the Safari 3 beta. We went ahead and adopted the non-metallic [...]

TubeSock and iPhone working better

Since our iPhone post below went live, several users sent us links for videos that weren’t working with the iPhone. (I guess, in retrospect, our guesses weren’t that great after all.) With an actual iPhone in hand we were able to fine-tune the conversion, and it appears that everything is now well. Every video we’ve [...]

TubeSock for Mac 2.0.2

TubeSock for Mac 2.0.2 is here! This release fixes the disappearing preview bug (caused by last week’s Apple Security Update 2007-006). Also, the vocal minority who complained about our use of brushed metal will be pleased to learn that the fix involved moving to a “unified” interface look. Yessir, we’re Leopard-ready! Well, at least from [...]

Support for International YouTube URLs

If you’re outside the US and using the international YouTube URLs, this new 2.0.2 alpha version of TubeSock for Mac fixes the URL issue.

International YouTube sites and TubeSock Mac

It looks like TubeSock for Mac’s URL scanners don’t recognize the new international flavors of YouTube. We’re on it. (TubeSock for Windows seems to like them just fine. So in the past two days, the Mac and Windows versions each dodge a bullet the other caught. Perhaps there’s finally one benefit to a non-shared codebase?)

Warning about Safari 3 beta

We’ve received reports that the Safari 3 beta interferes with TubeSock previews (Mac only). This happens because TubeSock uses WebKit to display the preview Flash movie, and Safari 3 includes a new build of WebKit that apparently blows. We’ve tried a number of WebKit nightly builds without trouble, so we don’t know what went wrong [...]

DailyMotion disruption

Today we discovered that DailyMotion has changed their atom syndication file format. I’ve sent an email to DailyMotion’s CTO asking for more info. Previously, DailyMotion published direct download links to pre-converted files in their atom file. For TubeSock, it was painless to find and download pre-converted videos. (And by the way, DailyMotion gave us this [...]