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Sumo in the Apple Store!

We’re working on fixing the last TubeSock bug (a crash on PowerPC Macs with Tiger) but our only working PowerPC Mac died last week. After hours of digging through a half-dozen boxes of DVDs looking for a Tiger set that would install, I gave up and signed up for an appointment at my local Apple’s [...]

Sumo! Reviewed

The folks over at Touch Arcade were kind enough to review Sumo! for the iPhone. And they liked it! TouchArcade previews and reviews iPhone/iPod Touch games and is a great resource for any iPhone gamer.

iPhone Sumo! 1.0 (and 1.0.1)

Sumo! for the iPhone is here! Well, technically, not here, but on the App Store. Sumo! is a game previously made for the web (at, our previous company) and later re-made for Palm OS. We’ve gussied up the graphics and made ourselves a little iPhone game. Sadly, because it’s surprisingly hard to have beta [...]

911 Is No Joke

Hey lardass! I see you’re working out with your new iPhone! So, what’ll you do if the old ticker kicks and you’ve only got three hand motions left before you black out? Not such a cool phone now, is it? Hmmm? Yeah, we thought of that. Here’s a one-click dialer for emergencies — just poke [...]