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Sumo in the Apple Store!

We’re working on fixing the last TubeSock bug (a crash on PowerPC Macs with Tiger) but our only working PowerPC Mac died last week. After hours of digging through a half-dozen boxes of DVDs looking for a Tiger set that would install, I gave up and signed up for an appointment at my local Apple’s Store’s Genius Bar. The Genius, Alex, hooked the PowerBook up and NetBooted from a drive that had installers for every OS version. (NetBoot is very cool, I’m going to have to steal that idea for the office.) While the OS was installing, I checked out the new iPod Touches. And guess what I found:
Sumo! in the Apple Store!
Apple has put Sumo! on some of the iPhones and iPods in each Apple store. That’s so incredibly cool.

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