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TubeSock for Windows 1.0.8

TubeSock for Windows has now advanced to the ripe old age of 1.0.8. The only new thing is the bug fix, keeping up with its Mac cousin’s fixes for the recent YouTube changes. Download it here: TubeSock for Windows 1.0.8.

My apologies for taking so long to get this release out. We made the decision to move our Windows codebase to cocotron, so that our Mac and Windows versions would come from the same code, so we’d have less code to maintain and thus could concentrate on features. (I see this is an increasingly popular thing with other Mac developers, too.)

However, the cross-platform TubeSock is not ready yet. So, last week’s chaos forced us to go back to the old TubeSock for Windows codebase and update it. Which we have finally done.

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