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TubeSock 3.0 beta 18

Almost immediately upon releasing beta 17 on Friday, we received reports of its success along with many more reports of its total and utter failure. Beta 17 worked fantastic here, so it took us a day to figure out that the problem was only happening on Tiger (10.4), and then another day to figure out what the actual problem was, and that we’d already solved it in TubeSock 1.0 and the working code was already written.

So behold, beta 18. Download TubeSock 3.0 beta 18 here! Please post problems in the comments (don’t forget to include the URL that failed, your OS version, and your CPU type). Our PowerPC Mac is still dead, so we’re especially interested to hear from PowerPC users.

A number of other minor bugs were fixed in this release, including: a bug where Dailymotion videos were improperly titled, a bug in the selection of high-quality videos (if the destination format is FLV, we don’t pull the MP4), and a bug in the creation of MP3 files. Also, for fun and edification and bragging rights, the conversion rate (frames per second) is now shown.

And by the way, all you folks who like to save MP3 files: if you’ve got an iPod, use AAC instead. Much better.

More info on the problem with Tiger here.

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