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Debugger() was called!

Hey programmers! Is your WebKit-enabled app suddenly crashing in XCode every time you run it? Does “Debugger() was called!” inexplicably showing up in the run log? Is it driving you up the wall?

Me too, so I decided to figure out what the hell was going on, and it turns out that it’s all Adobe’s fault. Imagine that! Apparently, in the new Flash 10 release, somebody left a call to Debugger() in the code. This is in the final, non-beta Flash 10. I’d expect calls to Debugger() in a beta, but to leave that in a final release does not inspire confidence in the rest of the code.

So yeah, if your app uses WebKit, and you’re running your app in XCode, and some page your WebKit is loading has Flash content, bam. Instant stop.

Until Adobe gets their act together, the only solution is turn off “Stop on Debugger() /DebugStr()” in the XCode “Run” menu. Which means, if your own code uses Debugger or DebugStr(), sorry, you can’t use it until Adobe fixes their screwup.

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