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TubeSock broken again

Good thing we didn’t release 3.0 final yesterday.

Apparently, at some point between midnight last night (when we released TubeSock 3.0 beta 16) and this morning, YouTube changed something yet again, and TubeSock gives those “file doesn’t exist” messages once more.

Now, it’s not a total loss. TubeSock 3.0 beta 16 still works for video sites like The Onion, DailyMotion, Porkolt, TeacherTube, GodTube, GospelTube (not to mention the unmentionables PornHub, YouPorn, and RedTube).

But we’ve got some work to do. So, thanks for your continued patience. If anyone gets around to testing beta 16 on a PowerPC, we’d love to hear how it works (for non-YouTube sources, naturally).

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