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TubeSock 3.0 Beta 14

Today we pushed TubeSock 3.0 beta 14 to our testers (test for yourself! Download TubeSock 3.0b14 now!). This build isn’t hugely different from yesterday’s beta 11; the big change is that it adds support for videos from the Onion. Yes, I know adding features at the tail end of a beta is a bad idea, but Stinkbot friend Jason Torchinsky (creator of the TubeSock icon, as well as all of the artwork for Sumo! for iPhone) had one of his story ideas appear on the Onion’s video site, and I wanted to keep it for posterity, and one thing led to another. So, new feature, hope you like it, hope we didn’t wreck everything while cramming it in.

Also, a few leftover NSLog()s were left in the code from troubleshooting the YouTube problem, which were removed. TubeSock should no longer fill your system log files with pointless junk.

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