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Seriously, Sumo! 1.0.1 is in the queue

It’s been a week since we uploaded Sumo! 1.0.1 to Apple’s servers, and so far all we’ve heard is that Sumo! 1.0.1 is “under review”. As best we can determine, an actual Apple employee downloads and installs every app uploaded to the store; the “review” in question is a check to ensure the app works, doesn’t crash, doesn’t call 1-900 numbers in Tuvalu, doesn’t corrupt user data, etc.

We’re working hard on Sumo! improvements. In fact, we do have a Sumo! 1.0.2 release waiting to go, once the 1.0.1 update is accepted.

Please accept our apologies. But we are totally and completely at the mercy of the App Store. Thanks for your patience!

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