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911 Is No Joke

Hey lardass! I see you’re working out with your new iPhone! So, what’ll you do if the old ticker kicks and you’ve only got three hand motions left before you black out? Not such a cool phone now, is it? Hmmm?


Yeah, we thought of that. Here’s a one-click dialer for emergencies — just poke the button and you’ll be talking to the fuzz. Seriously, don’t press the button unless you want to be talking to 911. You have to press the button a second time to confirm, but it’ll call right after that. To cancel, press the Home button.

Note: to use this, you’ll need to know how to install third party software on your iPhone. Update: Ste said he’ll add this to his source feed, so you should be able to use to install it directly on your iPhone. You can get Installer here.

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