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TubeSock 2.0.3 beta 3

We cranked out a bunch of action-items on TubeSock for Mac today. Here’s the list of things we fixed:

  • Improved compression profiles for iPhone, iPod, Mac, and AppleTV — this solves the “this file can’t be played on this iPhone” message that many users had been seeing
  • Support for Unicode filenames with “Add to iTunes”
  • Finally fixed that lingering barber pole/progress bar issue
  • Detects formats it can’t decode (i.e. On2) and displays an appropriate message (so far, we’ve seen no On2 files in the wild, but we’re ready)
  • Fixed an issue caused by YouTube using the Google video cache
  • Added support for 2-pass encoding. Yes! Awesome! And then, after seeing it made no difference, we removed it.

You can download the latest beta release right here.

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