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TubeSock for Mac 2.0.2

TubeSock for Mac 2.0.2 is here! This release fixes the disappearing preview bug (caused by last week’s Apple Security Update 2007-006). Also, the vocal minority who complained about our use of brushed metal will be pleased to learn that the fix involved moving to a “unified” interface look. Yessir, we’re Leopard-ready! Well, at least from a GUI perspective.

Also, support for recently-introduced “international” YouTube URLs (such as has been added. This should solve the “too many redirects” error that some users have been seeing.

And finally, we haven’t finished figuring out the new DailyMotion system, but we’ve improved the error handling. If TubeSock runs into trouble, we now display a nice message explaining the situation.

Download your copy now!

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