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TubeSock 3.0 beta 19

A new beta release of TubeSock for Mac is out! And maybe there’s something to theory of lucky prime number beta builds after all.

TubeSock 3.0 has advanced to beta 19 (download TubeSock 3.0 beta 19 here!) and it fixes the crash on PowerPC / Tiger Macs in beta 18. Yes, we finally got our dead PowerBook G4 up and running, and after a seriously large amount of tediousness, we found the bug. It was in the new code that displays the FPS counter. Apparently the conversion can be slow enough on PowerPC that it exposed a condition where the buffer containing the FPS could be empty. The code has been re-written in a much more defensive manner, so a null this or a nil that won’t crash anything.

A few other fixes made their way in: fixes to a site that made a recent change, a rare condition where the output name could match the input name and overwrite the input file, and some more general interface tweaking.

Please download the new beta, and let us know if you find any problems with it.

Sumo in the Apple Store!

We’re working on fixing the last TubeSock bug (a crash on PowerPC Macs with Tiger) but our only working PowerPC Mac died last week. After hours of digging through a half-dozen boxes of DVDs looking for a Tiger set that would install, I gave up and signed up for an appointment at my local Apple’s Store’s Genius Bar. The Genius, Alex, hooked the PowerBook up and NetBooted from a drive that had installers for every OS version. (NetBoot is very cool, I’m going to have to steal that idea for the office.) While the OS was installing, I checked out the new iPod Touches. And guess what I found:
Sumo! in the Apple Store!
Apple has put Sumo! on some of the iPhones and iPods in each Apple store. That’s so incredibly cool.

TubeSock for Windows 1.0.8

TubeSock for Windows has now advanced to the ripe old age of 1.0.8. The only new thing is the bug fix, keeping up with its Mac cousin’s fixes for the recent YouTube changes. Download it here: TubeSock for Windows 1.0.8.

My apologies for taking so long to get this release out. We made the decision to move our Windows codebase to cocotron, so that our Mac and Windows versions would come from the same code, so we’d have less code to maintain and thus could concentrate on features. (I see this is an increasingly popular thing with other Mac developers, too.)

However, the cross-platform TubeSock is not ready yet. So, last week’s chaos forced us to go back to the old TubeSock for Windows codebase and update it. Which we have finally done.

TubeSock 3.0 beta 18

Almost immediately upon releasing beta 17 on Friday, we received reports of its success along with many more reports of its total and utter failure. Beta 17 worked fantastic here, so it took us a day to figure out that the problem was only happening on Tiger (10.4), and then another day to figure out what the actual problem was, and that we’d already solved it in TubeSock 1.0 and the working code was already written.

So behold, beta 18. Download TubeSock 3.0 beta 18 here! Please post problems in the comments (don’t forget to include the URL that failed, your OS version, and your CPU type). Our PowerPC Mac is still dead, so we’re especially interested to hear from PowerPC users.

A number of other minor bugs were fixed in this release, including: a bug where Dailymotion videos were improperly titled, a bug in the selection of high-quality videos (if the destination format is FLV, we don’t pull the MP4), and a bug in the creation of MP3 files. Also, for fun and edification and bragging rights, the conversion rate (frames per second) is now shown.

And by the way, all you folks who like to save MP3 files: if you’ve got an iPod, use AAC instead. Much better.

More info on the problem with Tiger here.

TubeSock 3.0 beta 17

TubeSock 3.0 Beta 17 is out. And the it’s the best one yet. And not just because it’s a prime number. Download it now!

The YouTube download code is now fixed. We had to scrap the original YouTube download code. In its place is a new YouTube downloader written from scratch. This new method is actually a little bit quicker, in fact.

And while we were in there, we added support for their new, high-quality videos. If the video is already in the format you want, there’s no conversion necessary!

It also still works for other video sites like The Onion, DailyMotion, Porkolt, TeacherTube, GodTube, GospelTube (not to mention the unmentionables PornHub, YouPorn, and RedTube).

We’ve tested with a ton of videos, but since this is all-new code, there’s always the chance that some video will wreck havoc. If you find any videos that file to download, please post it in the comments, or email it to us at

Debugger() was called!

Hey programmers! Is your WebKit-enabled app suddenly crashing in XCode every time you run it? Does “Debugger() was called!” inexplicably showing up in the run log? Is it driving you up the wall?

Me too, so I decided to figure out what the hell was going on, and it turns out that it’s all Adobe’s fault. Imagine that! Apparently, in the new Flash 10 release, somebody left a call to Debugger() in the code. This is in the final, non-beta Flash 10. I’d expect calls to Debugger() in a beta, but to leave that in a final release does not inspire confidence in the rest of the code.

So yeah, if your app uses WebKit, and you’re running your app in XCode, and some page your WebKit is loading has Flash content, bam. Instant stop.

Until Adobe gets their act together, the only solution is turn off “Stop on Debugger() /DebugStr()” in the XCode “Run” menu. Which means, if your own code uses Debugger or DebugStr(), sorry, you can’t use it until Adobe fixes their screwup.

TubeSock broken again

Good thing we didn’t release 3.0 final yesterday.

Apparently, at some point between midnight last night (when we released TubeSock 3.0 beta 16) and this morning, YouTube changed something yet again, and TubeSock gives those “file doesn’t exist” messages once more.

Now, it’s not a total loss. TubeSock 3.0 beta 16 still works for video sites like The Onion, DailyMotion, Porkolt, TeacherTube, GodTube, GospelTube (not to mention the unmentionables PornHub, YouPorn, and RedTube).

But we’ve got some work to do. So, thanks for your continued patience. If anyone gets around to testing beta 16 on a PowerPC, we’d love to hear how it works (for non-YouTube sources, naturally).

TubeSock 3.0 beta 15

Mike Canny caught a bug in TubeSock 3.0 beta 14 where the “Save as Mac” format would crash with TeacherTube videos. That’s fixed in the new beta 15 (download TubeSock 3.0 beta 15 here!) along with the elimination of a few more debugging strings. Please give the beta a try and let us know if you have any problems.

Also: So far in our poll, it looks like Goole Video is the #1 choice for video service to support. Let us know what sites you want us to add!

Update: Mike says we fixed it for Intel, but it’s still crashing for PowerPC. If you run into the same thing, please post your crash log in the comments.

TubeSock 3.0 Beta 14

Today we pushed TubeSock 3.0 beta 14 to our testers (test for yourself! Download TubeSock 3.0b14 now!). This build isn’t hugely different from yesterday’s beta 11; the big change is that it adds support for videos from the Onion. Yes, I know adding features at the tail end of a beta is a bad idea, but Stinkbot friend Jason Torchinsky (creator of the TubeSock icon, as well as all of the artwork for Sumo! for iPhone) had one of his story ideas appear on the Onion’s video site, and I wanted to keep it for posterity, and one thing led to another. So, new feature, hope you like it, hope we didn’t wreck everything while cramming it in.

Also, a few leftover NSLog()s were left in the code from troubleshooting the YouTube problem, which were removed. TubeSock should no longer fill your system log files with pointless junk.

TubeSock 3.0 in beta

Today we are finishing testing of the next release of TuebSock, version 3.0. The new version adds some new features, supports some new video sites, and fixes some problems (not the least of which is an issue with YouTube that arose last week). If you’re into beta testing, you can download the latest beta from here:

Please report any problems you encounter in our support system. Please be sure to mention that you’re using the TubeSock 3.0 beta.

Also, we’re making plans for TubeSock 4.0. If there’s a feature you want to see added, let us know! And if there is a video site you’d like to see us support, please let us know by voting in this poll.